Strategic Advisory

Our knowledge and experience is available to our clients though strategic consulting programs.  These include, supply chain management, capital advisory, debt planning and general management.

Operational Management Consulting

AAM Investment Group has a team of experienced agribusiness consultants available to undertake detailed studies of current operational practices within a broad range of agribusiness fields, resulting in the provision of comprehensive advice to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations.  Further, the depth of our relationships across a number of agribusiness and commercial sectors within Australia an abroad provides our clients with demonstrable advantages.


Debt Capital Management

Careful, considered and risk managed use of debt can significantly improve equity returns for investors. At AAMIG we recognise the value of efficient debt management and can provide our clients with debt review, renegotiation and replacement services as required.


Equity Capital Management

Correct identification and evaluation of the equity component of an agricultural enterprise is essential in ensuring its efficient management.  The AAMIG team can provide comprehensive advice on equity deployment and sourcing for all types of agricultural businesses.

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